Thursday 25 June 2015

Coming to an end

Today marked our last day in the PCV Clinic and dental van.

Michelle and Agnetha went to the Freshwota School to screen the kindy kids. They achieved an amazing 115 exams with fluoride treatments, and noted treatment to be continued for the upcoming dental therapist in July.

Viv tackled the chronic influx of patients with Gloria and Bob working two rooms in the clinic with Susan and I managing as many patients as possible in the van. Most of the afternoon today we dedicated to preparing the dental van for its voyage tomorrow to the remote village of Paungnisu, where we will be screening and treating children and adults.

All in all a very busy day but one of reflection on the many people we have helped so far. Tomorrow if we have 47 teeth to remove we will reach a landmark 500 extractions in 2 weeks!

An early departure of 7am to get to where we need to be requires an early night - so good night all and we shall report tomorrow!


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