Sunday 21 June 2015

Wedding bliss

Today we were so lucky to witness 9 beautiful brides and handsome grooms say "I do". Richard (PCV coordinator) with his wife Rosie and their children (Valerie and baby Ronald), along with Debra (PCV coordinator) travelled to the island of Lelepa via water taxi.

Starting at 2 o'clock we made our way to the church and witnessed the procession of bridesmaids, groomsman, flower girls and ring boys flow into the church followed by the 9 blushing brides and their husbands to be. 
Finishing at 4 o'clock we congratulated the couples with the 200+ wedding guests from surrounding islands. After 30 minutes of uncertainty on water taxis from Lelepa we finally made our way home. It was such a privilege to take part in such a special day. 


1 comment:

  1. Oh, how lovely for you all! A beautiful experience for you and I guess the brides and grooms loved having Aussie guests at their wedding